Bäsmabeizli Hennägadä

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Bäsmabeizli Hennägadä

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Barbara and Urs Buchli

The lovely little alpine tavern situated high on the Sonnenberg offers a fantastic view and invites to linger and enjoy. Barbara and Urs Buchli have created a cosy, small retreat in a little barn below their farm. They treat visitors and hikers to tasty farm products in a warm and welcoming manner. The sun-baked stable right behind the Bäsabeizli is home to some of the most beautiful Rhaetian grey cattle. And as the name suggests, many chickens also live here. Urs Buchli took over the secluded farm 12 years ago. It was his grandparents’ farm and a boyhood dream to farm here in seclusion on the Bärg, to use his own wood for heating and to drink the water from his own spring. And to indulge in his own cheese, because Urs Buchli is an alpine dairyman at heart and with passion. And with the same cordiality, Barbara is a wonderful host. And sometimes, yes sometimes Urs even finds time and takes out his alphorn and lets the sounds slowly sink to Klosters.


  • Tavern offering cold and warm drinks
  • delicious meat and cheese platters
  • Alpine cheese
  • Grey cattle meat (from the freezer)

Contact details

Bärgweg 32
7250 Klosters
079 650 33 72

Opening hours

Due to the Covid Regulatons the Hennägadä Self-Service is closed until further notice. Meat, Eggs and Cheese can still be purchased.