Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

The impressive suspension bridge spanning the Schlappintobel is an integrative element of the Klosterser Höhenweg trail and an important sub-project of the PRE Klosters. The bridge construction started in spring 2017 and progressed rapidly. With a total length of 70.5 meters, the rope-wood construction spans the Schlappintobel with its highest point at 19 meters above ground.

The new bridge was inaugurated and handed over to the public on 10 June 2017 with a small bridge festival in beautiful summer weather.

The bridge can be reached in a 15 minute walk from the Madrisabahn valley station and is also accessible with small children.

a few impressive figures about the suspension bridge:

  • 1 single bridge pylon with a height of 10.5m carries the whole load
  • 220 meters of suspension cables were used / 2 cables of 110m each [3×15.7mm].
  • 40 meters of rope anchor secure the construction (4 ropes of 10m 22.5mm
  • 120 meters of tensioning cables are in use (2 à 60m)