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Simon Grischott Simi-s-Imi

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Simon Grischott
Simi is master over hundreds of colonies – bee colonies in fact. The hard-working, striped helpers produce the finest Graubünden mountain bee honey from the manifold Alpine flora. Even as a little boy, Simon was enthusiastic about bees. In 2011 he bought 6 colonies and made his hobby, beekeeping, his profession. In the meantime, well over 100 bee colonies are making their rounds for him in Klosters, diligently collecting pollen and nectar. The peak season for beekeeping in Klosters is from June to August, then the bees are looked after from early in the morning until late in the evening and honey is extracted. The delicious honey can be found in many regional shops and bakeries or directly in the online shop Simi-s-Imi beekeeping and beekeeping supplies. Nowadays Simi has become an important contact for beekeepers. On his platform everything necessary for beekeeping is available, from bee hives, boxes or frames to entire colonies and queens. After all, many of Simi’s bee colonies are home-bred. Good genetics are not only a prerequisite for excellent honey, healthy bees are of great importance for the entire region.


Everything for honey lovers and beekeepers:
– Honey from the Grisons mountains
– Propolis
– Fine foods from honey such as mead wine, honey mustard, sweets
– Beeswax and candles
– Cosmetic products
– Bee and queen breeding
– Bee food
– Beekeeping accessories
– Gift items
– Guided tours / visit to the beekeeping facilities

Contact details

Iltisweg 10
7252 Klosters Dorf
076 415 96 62

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Upon prior arrangement