Hof Bartli Gruober

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Hof Bartli Gruober

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Bartli Gruober

Basically, there is no need to introduce Bartli, he is known far and wide. Above all, he is known as a jolly musician, having performed in countless events and parties – alone or in different line-ups. Or one knows Bartli as a patient ski instructor. Many guests trust in his guidance and skills. Whoever visits the homely organic farm in the middle of the village of Klosters discovers a touch of Tibet: a herd of impressive yaks with their shaggy fur catches the visitor’s eye. The cattle, which originally come from the Tibetan highlands, are perfectly suited for alpine regions, they are very frugal and used to cold temperatures. Bartli decided to let them become native in Klosters for their stoic calmness has a soothing effect on the stressed soul. And with a bit of luck, visitors may even hear some Schwyzerörgeli music coming from the veranda.


  • Yak meat
  • Beef
  • Private ski instructor
  • Musician

Contact details

Landstrasse 40
7250 Klosters
079 218 28 09